Monday, November 23, 2015

Fabulous Fall

This is what I've been missing!
Delightfully chilly weather with blue skies and sunshine! It really feels like the holidays are right around the corner. Now if I could just figure out how to get the house decorated with an energetic toddler running around...

We have still yet to get a good family picture for our Christmas card this year. I'm not a perfectionist and it's usually a family member who takes our pic (shoutout to Aunt Kate), but both Miss Priss and the Hubs have been sick the past few weeks, which doesn't really lend itself to looking happy, much less festive in a snapshot. Hopefully we'll get lucky over Thanksgiving break. All I can ask for is one image where we are all looking at the camera. One can dream, right?

Monday, November 16, 2015


I'm finally getting caught up after a few very busy months. I started a new job that I love and life has been nonstop lately. Here are a few highlights...

I found the best Little Free Library at Avalon. I'm pretty sure they stocked it with new books to get it started, but I got a copy of The Girl on the Train that I can't wait to read over the holidays.

This. I started Yes Please earlier this year before we moved but wasn't able to finish it. It's so good. Amy Poehler is hilarious and such a hard worker. It's a funny and encouraging read.

Chilli weather is here! One reason we left Florida to come back to Georgia is because we missed seasons. Yes, the sunshine is nice down there but I can't get on board with 90 degree days in November. It just feels wrong. Now I'm enjoying chilli and chicken and dumplings without sweating. Score!

Sister dates, ftw. I'm closer to home and able to see my Sis more for football games or to just hang out. It's such a blessing and I love that Miss Priss is getting to know here too.
All the crafts! We painted pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving and I've got a few things planned for Christmas.