Monday, May 16, 2016

Busy Days

Apparently I am just blogging quarterly now, since my last post was in November. I guess that's what happens when you go back to work! In any event, we have had some really busy days lately. Busy, but good. 

Miss Priss has totally settled into her school, which we love. And I have settled into my new job. It's been a bit of a transition, but I'm so grateful for my new gig. I've made some new friends with coworkers and had a lot of fun!

I have also come to look forward to weekends and having adventures with Miss Priss. Like taking trips to Krispy Kreme! 

We also finally got around to visiting Zoo Atlanta a few weeks ago. 
The parking lot could use woke expansion, because it is in a historic neighborhood but we had a great visit. 
She was completely obsessed with the "pink birds!"

There is still a lot to see and explore in Atlanta, so I need to make a list for this summer. We'll definitely be visiting Stone Mountain again for the always fantastic laser show! 
The spring weather has been perfect this year and I can't wait to get outside and enjoy it some more.