Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving, etc.

A few more thoughts on the move...
  • You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all in boxes and put it on a truck. I think I have a reasonable amount of things. The hubs thinks I have enough tools and utensils to stock 5 kitchens. I think he is wrong. A girl needs options for baking cupcakes, making cookies and creating fabulous casseroles!
  • We will never rent from Budget again. Their service was less than satisfactory, they weren't helpful when it came to making sure we had everything we needed, and none of our cars (which are regular cars) would fit on the tow dolly, so we had to make an extra trip back up to Augusta to pick up the 2nd car.
  • You also never realize how much stuff is really 'essential' for day to day life until you have to put the majority of your things in storage. We're temporarily staying with family until we find a more permanent place and 90% of our stuff is in storage. When I originally packed everything I thought we'd have a lot more stuff with us at the house. I was kind of sad when I had to pick and choose a few cookbooks to keep with me and the rest had to be exiled to storage for a while.
  • I've really enjoyed learning my way around town and trying out new restaurants so far. So far I've discovered a yummy sandwich place and frozen yogurt within two blocks of my office. Score!
  • Living with family has been ok so far too. The only hiccup is that I got kind of spoiled in my old kitchen and now I'm cooking somewhere much smaller without all my kitchen gadgets and good knives. I haven't learned my way around the kitchen here yet, so it's kind of awkward like wearing someone else's shoes that don't fit quite right.

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  1. I spent the last 6 months prior to our last move (June '10) and I purdged and purdged and we still had so much stuff it wasn't funny. Glad you are starting to get settled, at least a bit. (((hugs)))