Monday, August 8, 2011

In Hiding...

I feel like lately I've been in hiding. Things have been really stressful and getting me down and I'm doing my best not to be Eeyore. Since we moved to Gainesville things have been really up and down. One moment I'm really excited about everything being new and the next minute I'm homesick and missing my family. And when you throw a crazy MIL into the mix, things get a little bit more bananas. Well, hopefully things are looking up now. The good news is that Hubs got a great job offer! Yay Hubs! But the bad news is that it's not in Gainesville. So that means another move...this time to Jacksonville.
I'm hopeful that this could be a good place for us. I also think it would be good for us to live in a city that neither of us have lived in before. If anything throughout this whole moving/worrying about jobs/dealing with family ordeal, we have definitely grown closer. I just want things to feel more normal soon. So here's hoping that 'normal' is right around the corner!

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  1. I've heard that Jacksonville is a fun city! I have a friend who grew up in Charleston and moved down there...he likes it better!

    I totally understand you being homesick:( I was the same way when we moved to Alabama for 7 years...same town as dramatic MIL. Sucked. I hope you get back to normal soon:)