Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project 365

Earlier this year I resolved to take a photo a day and try to complete 'Project 365'. Well, I've already missed a few days so far and the only resolution I haven't broken is to take off my makeup and wash my face everyday. (Curiously, I can already tell the difference in my skin. It looks and feel so much better.)  Here's a look at some of my days/photos so far.
Jan. 6 Homemade Lasagna

Jan. 11 Attempting to make lemon extract

Jan. 13 Chinese Food

Jan. 14 Enjoying ice cream with my Sis at Sweet Dreams

Jan. 23 New Christmas watch and nail polish

Jan. 24 My Cousin's wedding invitation arrived
Hopefully I can get back on track and at least try to take a photograph most every day. It would be pretty cool to have a record of every day of the year from 2012.

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