Friday, April 30, 2010

Another busy week!

Last weekend we celebrated our 1 year anniversary (full post coming soon!). On Sunday I spent the better part of the day taking photos for a baby shower and then maternity pics afterwards. I haven't really done maternity photos before, but I think they turned out pretty cute. We had a great location and the afternoon light was really, really pretty.
Monday, my parents called and we went to meet them for dinner at the Village Deli. If you're ever in Augusta, you have to try this place. They have the best burgers and sandwiches and everyone is always so nice. I tried the french dip for the first time and it was so good. Although, how can you go wrong with a sandwich that is dipped in au jus?
This week I hosted (along with one of my coworkers) a shower for a friend at work who is getting married in less than a month. The first half of the week was spent in preparation getting the house ready and wrapping her gift. Oh, and making sure all the food was taken care of! She is a sweetheart and it is sure to be a fabulous wedding. Our theme was a tea party bridal shower so we had tiny pimento cheese sandwiches, fruit and cheese, petit fours and sweet tea vodka!
Our Tea Party spread:
Me and the lovely bride, Stacey
I had a great time inviting everyone over and it was a really good excuse to get the house super spiffy. Hubs said I should start entertaining more so we'd be motivated to stay clean. Works for me!
This weekend should be relaxing, although I'm determined to clean up around the house more and organize. I realized this week that we have too many books. I'm a reader and I'd love to keep copies of everything I've read, but it just isn't practical. For starters, we don't really have the space for a full library. As it is, I keep my cookbooks in their own separate cabinet because I refuse to part with any of them. The rest of my fiction and non fiction really should be passed along to family or friends who'd like to read. Maybe I could do a giveaway or book swap soon. Hmmm...

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