Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Fever

I was so glad when April finally rolled around this year. Once March is over, I'm usually ready to start enjoying warmer weather and sitting out on a patio somewhere enjoying a cold beer. April has been busy, but the weather has been gorgeous so I can't really complain.

We took a boat tour on the Augusta Canal and enjoyed the sites one day last week, it was gorgeous outside!
Our old gas grilled died at the end of last summer and we put off getting a new one for a while. Thankfully, Matt found a great deal on a new one and we've been grilling up a storm! it's been really nice being able to cook and eat outside since the weather is so great these days.
The easter beagle brought me lots of sweet treats and we enjoyed Easter supper with Matt's dad, stepbrother and my dad.
Masters week was fabulous in Augusta this year! Matt's dad came to visit and go to the practice rounds with him on Monday. They had a great time since the weather was so nice. Last year when he came it was super cold and rainy, unfortunately.

Wednesday I got to enjoy the course and the Par 3 tournament with my friends Carrie and Stacey.
I hope the rest of April and May is just as fun! I've got a bridal shower that I'm hosting next week and our 1 year anniversary is right around the corner...

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