Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Roundup

So, it turns out that fall has been much busier than summer! It's great since this summer kind of sucked and I'm really looking forward to changing leaves and cooler temps. This past weekend we were totally lazy on Friday night, staying in and watching Couples Retreat for the 14th time on HBO. Saturday I had to work a bit, although I can't complain much, my day consisted of working at the Hispanic Festival...
...and then at the Greek Festival! Mmmm...lamb on the spit!
And Feta Fries!!!

I came home and caught up on a little football, thankfully, South Carolina beat Bama although my Georgia Southern Eagles lost to Wofford. We decided to take a last minute camping trip at the lake, so we packed up the truck and hit the road. It was really nice to get out of town for the nice and sleep with the crickets. Hopefully the weather will get just a little bit cooler and we'll be able to enjoy some more camping trips this year! Check out the view right as the sun was going down...
Next weekend, my grandad is getting married, so it should be just as busy and fun!

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