Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We decided to head up to Atlanta for Halloween Saturday at the last minute to visit the Hubs's best friend and his wife (Stephen & Amanda) who are expecting a little one in December. Most of the visit was pretty regular, staying up late chatting and catching up and making the requisite trek to Ikea and Trader Joe's for treats. I love me some Two Buck Chuck...If we only had one in Augusta!!!
We also ended up at a pretty fun Halloween party Saturday night. Stephen's old band was playing together while everyone was in town and there was even a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Zombieland.
Amanda and I with my favorite costumes of the night, the Yip Yips from Sesame Street!
Me (sans fancy costume) and Amanda (pot bellied piggie)
Amanda and Stephen.
The coolest part of the night was the 'coffin buffet' for all the food. Mr. Skeleton consisted of: rice krispy skull with frosting, french bread arms and legs, cheesecake, chilli and dips for organs, and nuts! All surrounded by chips and cupcakes on the outside.

I'm so glad that November is finally here, honestly that was my first thought this morning. The weather is cooling off and the holidays are right around the corner. Can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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  1. i love that food layout, so creative. and the costumes are pretty fantastic too!