Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011!

So, it appears I took a little unplanned blog break (yeah, let's call it that instead of laziness) towards the end of 2010. The holidays were a bit busy in between Fakesgiving at work, Thanksgiving with the family, Fakesmas, my birthday, Christmas and New Year's. (It also appears I have a bit of recapping to do!)
It's kind of hard to believe that 2010 is over, although quite a lot happened this year. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary, learned how to live on one income for part of the year, spent more time with family, and tried extreme couponing.
I don't want to set ridiculously high goals that I won't be able to achieve, but I do have a few resolutions this year.
1. Continue to cook more. I got some great cookbooks this Christmas and especially can't wait to try Virginia Willis's Bon Appetit Y'all
and Georgia Cooking by Trisha Yearwood (I tried the chicken pie recipe last night and it was quite tasty!)
2. Eat better and exercise more. This summer was so hot that I practically hibernated to avoid the heat, thus skipping walking and running when I should have.
3. Be a better wife.
4. Read more-should be pretty easy since Santa brought me a Nook for Christmas. I love it!


  1. Those cookbooks sounds like fun. Happy cooking!

  2. I love anything by Viginia Willis...she is such a great chef! Happy New Year to you and hope 2011 brings joy and blessings to you.