Friday, March 4, 2011

Gainesville So Far...

Random thoughts on Gainesville so far...
  • The weather has been gorgeous since we've been here. Sunshiney, beautiful days. I'm a little anxious about my first Florida summer this year, but right now I'm enjoying the spring. It's even been so nice that I usually eat lunch outside.
  • Speaking of lunch, I love that there are so many restaurants within walking distance of my office downtown. Last week I tried Big Lou's Pizzeria for a slice at lunch and I wasn't disappointed.
  • I also discovered a frozen yogurt shops two blocks away from the office. The hardest part is not visiting mochi every day. They have red velvet and cake batter yogurt for crying out loud. DELISH! And it's even healthier if I put fruit on top, right?
  • I haven't had as hard a time finding my way around town as I thought I would. I'm still getting used to all the numbered streets instead of named streets.
  • I'm also liking that town is so bike friendly. We might not be biking a ton in the summer when it's so warm, but right now it's nice to be able to bike up to Publix and down to the Mexican restaurant. I already feel healthier!

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