Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I Miss...

Things I miss the most...(beside my family and friends, of course)
Our house
My kitchenaid mixer
The rest of my kitchen tools. I'm beside myself without my microplanes, my good knives, my Lecruset and my Calphalon!
My furniture and everything else that is in storage right now.
My old Kroger (I knew where everything was!) There is a Publix on every corner down here, which is great, but that means I have to learn 16 different Publixes.
Mellow Mushroom (why don't we have one in Gainesville anymore?!?)
Gary's for delicious burgers and fries
The BBQ Barn in North Augusta (They just don't do bbq the same down here, especially pulled pork!)
Living across the street from the Augusta National
Living right down the road from the Boro
My Fabulous coworkers

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