Friday, May 27, 2011

Adventures in Cell Phone Photography

I have finally joined the ranks of technology-savvy, modern folks everywhere and gotten a smart phone. No, it's not an iPhone, but it does have a decent camera and fun apps. Here's a few photos from the last week or so. Fair warning, I am totally digging taking photos of all my food.
I tried a new wine this week. The Hubs picked it up from World Market. Isn't that the cutest label?
Every now and then we have really nice hoteliers who will stop by the office with treats, like this giant chocolate chip cookie. It was delicious.
I found some classics at the thrift store the other day. Did anyone not read The BSC while they were growing up? Those books were gold!
There is nothing better than ice cold Mexican Coca-Cola, especially in the summer.
Even boring office snacks look artsy when snapped with a fun camera app!
New combo of red velvet and chocolate yougurt from the shop down the street from my office. It's totally healthy because it has blackberries and strawberries on top, right? And the dark chocolate chips are for my heart.
Beautiful strawberries from the Farmers Market.
Hope y'all enjoyed my random week in photos! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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