Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I finally hit the road to go home for Memorial Day weekend, and it was such a good visit!
I had the best time visiting with my mom, sis and friends. We shopped a bit, had game night, caught up. It was the best weekend I've had in quite a while.
I love shopping for palmettos and crescent moons. Gotta show the love for my favorite state.
Mama bought us new flower flip flops, that are super cute and comfy. Flip flop triplets!
I've been meaning to visit my mom and sisters's new school and classroom's for two years, so we had to squeeze that in, too. My mama is an elementary music teacher, her room wouldn't be complete without fabulous bulletin boards!
My sister's class pet is a teddy bear hamster called Tim Teebow (because he's a good roll model).
Teebow giving me a smooch:
Teebow's Gator Cage:
I have an addiction to the Mellow Mushroom, so we went there for supper Sunday night. I don't even care who judges me. It's delicious pizza, the sauce is the best and the cheese is all stringy and the crust is fantastic and it makes me happy and a little sentimental. For some crazy reason we don't have a Shroom in Gainesville anymore, so I have to get my fix whenever I head out of town.
Mmmm...pretzels and marinara. I could eat that marinara with a spoon!
Monday afternoon we hit Hwy. 25 for Edgefield so we could visit Cooks. They have the freshest produce, snacks, and cheeses.
Ripe, South Carolina peaches! I don't care what anyone says, these peaches are the best. My peaches were so good they didn't last very long. I'm looking forward to my sis bringing me another batch when she visits in June. Maybe I'll be able to restrain myself a little bit and make some peach cobbler or jam.
These tomatoes were so good. There is nothing better than home grown, ripe tomatoes in the summer.
Orange and Grape Nehi soda in the ice chest! Delicious and old school.
I wasn't ready to leave at all on Monday. I wish I could have stayed at least a week longer, so I could hang out and help my mama and sis get ready for the last week of school. Eventually I had to hit the road.
Must have iPod and giant ice water for traveling.
I drove through the Boro on the way back. I will always miss living in Statesboro and good times at Georgia Southern.
I made it back to Florida (still doesn't feel like home yet) just as the sun was setting. Not a bad drive for Memorial Day.

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