Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hurry Up Christmas!

Fall has been fantastic this year and with all the upcoming holidays I can hardly think of anything but...
sparkly Christmas ornaments...and presents under the tree!I've begun my Christmas shopping and this week should be able to get started on Christmas crafts and my master plan for Christmas baking. Thankfully, October is nearly over (where did it go so quickly?) and I've got Fakesgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's to look forward to. It's going to be fabulous!


  1. I haven't even decorated my house for fall yet! But I have a good excuse, I'm on crutches. I am looking forward to Christmas too. I can't wait to put up my tree and start buying Christmas presents and other decorations for the house. I have started looking for Christmas presents but haven't actually bought anything yet. I'd better get on the ball!

  2. I know! Let the festivities begin. Love this time of year.