Monday, October 19, 2009

Photography and More!

I'm excited that I've got my first photo shoot since fall started lined up for this afternoon! I'll be wandering around downtown Augusta taking pics for my friend Stacey and her fiance, Ryan. We're working on their Save the Date photos and Christmas pics and I'm really excited. Stacey and I had some cute ideas as to how to incorporate their date in the photos and I think the end result will turn out really cute. I'll post a few pics after we're all done.
This weekend was pretty good, too! I went to Columbia Friday night to visit the fabulous Miss Twyla and deliver some furniture to her new townhouse. It's turning out to be really cute and I hope that maybe on my next visit I'll be able to take some photos. (I am however, still jealous of her brand new fridge, which is like the Cadillac of fridges. The only thing better would be a stainless steel Sub-Z.)
Saturday we went down to the 'Boro to see Andy. It was a little too cold and wet for the football game but we did a little bit of shopping at Hobby Lobby (I can't wait till we get one here!) and tried the new BBQ joint in town. I was finally able to get the supplies to start working on some of my Christmas crafts, which I'm excited about. I'm also looking forward to baking some delicious treats with the homemade vanilla extract that Andy made for us. It smells so good! If either of those projects turn out cute, I'll post them on the blog. We also made a pit stop at a few of our favorite watering holes. It's nice to see that some things never change down there.


  1. Aren't you so jealous of T's fridge? I got a grand tour the other week and it's stellar! :)