Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favorite Ornaments

This week has been cold and busy, hence the lack of blog posts. If I'm not working, getting ready for Christmas vacation or wrapping Christmas presents, I'm trying to stay warm. I really don't remember it being this cold so early last year. I thought since I didn't have time for a huge post I'd share a few of my favorite Christmas ornaments. We used to have a 'Statesboro Blues' tree when we first started dating. It was completely blue and white, as a nod to Statesboro and our alma matter, Georgia Southern. Since we've been together, we have started collecting ornaments and receiving them as gifts. I've even started creating some of my own. Hopefully our collection will get even bigger and better. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is pulling out the ornaments and putting them on the tree, it's like they are new every year!
The engagement ornament Matt's mom got us last year.
I painted this one for our first 'married' Christmas. It has our last name on one side and wedding date on the other.
This one is a tiny piggy bank, which I got Matt for his first year in accounting. I thought it was cute, even though his job has nothing to do with 'counting' or change.
This one is from my best friend, TW and I love it because it looks lovely and old-school.

What are your favorite Christmas ornaments?


  1. aw i love the engagement ornament, it's so cute.

  2. Love the ornaments! I'll have to look through my tree and post my favorites... thanks for the inspiration. :)